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We build products that fulfill your needs. At Alumayer India, we offer services to architects and planners in all areas and in all stages of construction. Our engineers offer extensive know-how and cumulative experience in system development, planning and production that meet the project specifications.

As every new project has its own particular technical requirements, its ability to stimulate and receive ideas and concepts to and from other countries and through its in house design and R&D department ensures that Alumayer walling technology will remain at the forefront in the market place.

Our Innovations

Our Core Strength

Our Facility

At Alumayer, our journey unfolds with an ensemble of visionaries, architects, and engineers. Our design and engineering team, fueled by collaboration, together with consultants, contractors, and clients, breathe life into iconic projects. We craft bespoke design systems that defy convention. These systems are fortified by structural prowess, weather risk and loadings with grace. And here’s the secret: every note, every detail, is composed in-house—unique, like a rare melody.

Our canvas? The client’s aspirations, painted with ingenuity and purpose.

High Quality Assurance
Highly Skilled Designers
Modern Engineering systems
ISO Certified

Production Capacity

405thousand Sq.Ft

Miscellaneous Items

1.5million Sq.Ft

Metal Cladding

2.58millon Sq.Ft


2.58million Sq.Ft

Fabrication & Assembly

The data mentioned above is with one shift and can be doubled depending on project requirements.

A Glimpse At Our Plant Machinery

Our state of the art machinery is imported to help us deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients in India & abroad.

  • Machine Stand For Profile 2000
  • Machining Centre
  • Aluminium End Milling
  • Machine Stand With Electronic Gauge
  • Aluminium Profile Cutting
  • Panel Fabricxation
  • Punching
  • Air Compressor
  • Aluminum Section Bending c
  • Aluminium Profile Cutting
  • Aluminium Profile Cutting
  • Glass Glazing
  • ACP Cutting & Routing

Factory Location

Plot no. A-41, Old Orkay Silk Mills Compound, Near Cipla Unit II, Patalganga MIDC, Rasayani, India, Khalapur, Maharashtra

In-House Testing Rig

Within the heart of Alumayer’s manufacturing facility lies our secret laboratory—an in-house testing rig meticulously crafted for one purpose: to unravel the hidden capabilities of our components. Here, we subject each element to initial trials, assessing their mettle against project specifications and understanding installation. But that’s not all—our visual mockups, like architectural dreams materialized, allow clients to witness the future before it takes shape.

Our Design Systems

At Alumayer India, our commitment to excellence extends beyond conventional solutions. We take immense pride in our ability to craft bespoke facade systems entirely in-house, tailored to meet the unique demands of each project. Here’s why our in-house approach sets us apart:



Holistic Design Integration

  • By developing our systems in-house, we seamlessly integrate design elements with structural considerations. This synergy ensures that our facades not only look stunning but also perform optimally under real-world conditions.


Precision Engineering

  • Our dedicated team of experts meticulously designs and engineers every component. From glass panels to aluminum extrusions, each detail undergoes rigorous scrutiny.
  • We optimize material selection, profiles, and finishes to achieve the desired balance of aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency. Our precision engineering minimizes wastage and maximizes resource utilization.


Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • In-house testing forms the bedrock of our quality assurance process. Our specialized testing rig evaluates components for installation compatibility, build quality, and more.
  • By identifying potential risks early, we proactively address any vulnerabilities. This approach ensures that our facade systems withstand the test of time and environmental challenges.


Client-Centric Solutions

  • Seeing is believing. Our visual mockup provisions allow clients to witness the facade’s potential before installation.
  • These mockups provide a tangible glimpse into the future, assuring clients that their investment aligns perfectly with their vision.

Experts In Design & Fabrication

In summary, Alumayer India’s in-house approach transcends mere construction—it’s an art form. Our bespoke facade systems redefine architectural possibilities, one project at a time. When you choose Alumayer, you choose innovation, precision, and a legacy of excellence.

Our Working Process

We at Alumayer India are proud to have developed bespoke systems in-house for all types of facade requirements.
Most of our clients prefere indigeniously developed systems while we are also certified by leading system providers like Schuco, Alumil etc neew

Managing Logistical Challenges For Over 20 Years

Logistics is the main and most challenging task in the facade industry. At Alumayer India, the complex logistics of a project's delivery process are managed by experienced, empowered project management personnel who have received extensive training and years of on-the-job experience before being entrusted to lead a project. Our people understand the critical importance of delivering on time and budget. With this in-house expertise we have delivered several projects in the USA as well.